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hey, sorry to bother, however what actually happen with GD and Kiko in few words, i dont want to read rumor websites since most of their stuff are lies


Kiko and GD were first rumoured to be dating back in 2010. It’s been on and off with them and the more fans thought they were no longer in touch/together, pictures kept popping up. It also made more ppl suspicious when their friends would post pics of Jiko and then delete a few minutes later. So from 2010-present, Jiko made appearances here and there and we can conclude that they were in contact all along and were meeting. She was there for his bday, had dinner with her parents and all that. Google is your best friend for that. The pictures don’t lie.

The only reason Jiko’s a hot topic (it was always bubbling) again was because someone noticed them unfollowing each other on Twitter/Insta. Note that KIko has 2 insta accounts, 1 public and 1 private. And with GD’s recent emo posts, everyone started linking it to her. What did fans do? Go to Kiko’s accounts and bash her. Nothing new, the bashing just doubled from its original. If everyone finds the types of hate she’s getting shocking, note that this has been going on FOR YEARS. Since the rumour began. It’s not about Ji being sad or the new private insta a/c (not confirmed). She has been hated on for years and years by vips and yg stans (can i just say blackjacks). She gets hated on for no reason, in the worse ways. (x) is nothing. If you make a master collection of her hate, you can publish a book. I’m not sure why fans feel so strongly about her and the fact that nothing concrete was said about them makes it completely stupid? Yes there are Jiko shippers, just like how there are other shippers but Jiko has always been frowned upon. There are vips who love Kiko and support her, independent of GD, and they will always defend her. They love her for her.

So now Ji has unfollowed everyone on instagram and created a new instagram account (that’s what they’re saying). How did fans find out? Dara followed this particular account and her fanbase tweeted it out before deleting. Then they found out that Soohyuk and Xin were following as well. Kiko’s following on her private insta went +1, and fans think it might be Ji’s new account blah blah. (Yeah they actually went and did all the tracking ._.) Now they’re sending him requests and there’s extreme paranoia. Some are trying to hack into this account.

The reason I posted that Kiko hate post was to show people how they can’t question Ji’s motives here to want to be private because they’ve been so unreasonable with his actions, with his friends and loved ones. This especially after the unfollowing and emo posts, fans started commenting on his and his friends’ accounts like they knew everything and I think he got pissed off and did it to get a start over. The more his fans do this, the more he’s going to move away. I don’t even know what they expect to see in his private account. If you look at all this, a part of you would tell you that it isn’t a big deal at all. Why ponder over it right? But these fans think they have all that control over him. Which is fucking scary. 

Something I get upset because of rude people not understand why I support the five of them and one time I felt like giving up. Just deleting everything about them and sell the items I have collected. But then I go on blogs like this, back-to-five, and slushyshinki. Fighting off the haters and keep loving them like you do. I want to be like that but it also makes me wonder what kind of cassie I am. I'm a weak one as a right now haha but one day I want to be a strong cassie. ^^ Keep the blog up.


I always say that to be is cassie we must be strong. But I don’t just mean just the part where we must keep the faith and hope to the end. Of course, every fan loves and cares genuinely with their idols and probably people in other fandoms also feel that closeness with the group members and fandom as one big proud and lovely family.
The problem, which affects us so deeply is the fact that not only DBSK has faced many obstacles since the debut and still even after so much work and so much glory, they still have so much to fight but also the cassiopeia fandom is broken and divided and we see people who should be side by side as loving as sisters from the same fandom that should be protecting our boys are fighting against each other (stans, shippers, ot5, whatever) and it hurts so much that everyone seems to forget that we were originally joined together for the same cause - to love and support DBSK boys no matter what.
So believe me when I say that I understand the desire to turn our back and go away.
But understand, we are all human beings and we can’t control our emotions, our feelings; then it may be easy to fight, argue and get angry. Eeryone is hurt, some of us feel betrayed but it means that everyone really cares. Angry, sad or hopeful … we are all deeply buried in the red ocean of pain, pride, memories and happiness.
But even with all the problems within the fandom, we’re still here, standing and screaming their names, repeating our dear and deep motto: always keep the faith.
And when I close my eyes for a moment everything seems so simple and so good (TVXQ still breaking sales records, Jaejoong composing music, Junsu consecrated and acclaimed for his performances in musicals, Yoochun winning tons of awards for his performances on TV /cinema (like Changmin) and oh God, I’m so proud, i’ve been so proud since the first time I called myself cassie) I look back at a time in the past, you can see in old footage, all the the five boys laughing and having fun together at a time that our fandom was stronger than ever and all the fans loved all the members and I think. .. why is it so difficult?
I’m not saying they are not happy now, they seem happy (though not always and I don’t need to mention that Jaejoong doesn’t looks really happy) But now things are different, the mood seems different somehow.
And despite being really painful those moments where you know you can’t do anything but pray for everything to be okay, and wait for them to get back together … this is what makes us strong.
In these times when your feelings are pure and you just want everything back to how it was before, together and full of innocence, your love for them reborn and pride seems to shine more than it seemed impossible.
Our boys grew, more talented, more mature, more gentle, more strong and more human than ever.
Even when we cry or suffer for them, we are strong, proud. We are cassiopeia.
No matter what happens, that red light still pulsing in his heart.
I had my bad moments of sadness and disbelief, but I can not take something that runs in my blood, red pearl.
Although our fandom has its internal problems and is not perfect, our love for the members keep me strong, alive.
When the road to reunite them, the destiny will reunite the Cassies who took separate paths, as a fandom holding broken shards with a red ribbon.
Maybe old fans back, maybe we will be with new members, but we’ll still be the same - the same Cassiopeia who keeps the fait no matter what. And if you turn your back, or go to another fandom and think you forgotten us, don’t worry, we’ll still be here, waiting for you and for all those who are gone.
We will shine more and do as Jaejoong asked us to do, to show everyone that Cassiopeia is unbeatable.
You don’t need to believe that you are strong to be strong. I know that you are strong for the simple fact of being part of us.
So, don’t forget, always keep the faith, hope to the end.

"When the 5 members come together once again, it will be even more glorious than before. Hopefully, that day will come, even if we don’t know when it will become a reality. But, we hope to grasp onto this hope." — Park Yoochun

— admin Yunho

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130411 SBS Cultwo Show
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Q: What is TOP’s fave food that would stop him from crying in instant?

  • GD : Yang geng and ice cream.
  • TOP : Yes, he’s right. Ice cream, yang geng, and sashimi. I really like food, like sashimi. I really like junk food but ice cream is my fave.
  • GD : He’ll wake up from his sleep for ice cream. Once, instead of rice, he ate ice cream for all 3 meals.

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Xiumin - Stardium Photo card

Xiumin - Stardium Photo card